A Security Operating Center, abbreviated SOC, provides grip and control over information security. A SOC monitors and detects security incidents and monitors them. Navaio helps organisations filter the right information from security warnings. We do this with the help of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).

SIEM provides real-time analyses of security alerts from various network components, operating systems and applications. The trick is to filter only the ‘false positives’. This way you only keep relevant security information.

Navaio first defines all relevant scenarios. Based on this, we advise appropriate SIEM tooling and implement it within the organisation.

Vulnerability Management

In addition, Navaio applies Vulnerability Management to detect vulnerabilities in IT systems. With the threat of new bugs being found every day, a hacker needs only one vulnerability to penetrate your network.

We point out to organisations the risks of incorrect configurations, bugs, outdated software and external applications. These are excellent entries for hackers. Unilateral solutions such as patch management, antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to prevent cybercrime. Vulnerability Management secures complete networks and minimises risks.

Vulnerability Testing

Navaio also helps customers to implement Vulnerability Testing software. This software substantially reduces the risk profile of your organisation. It systematically tests whether the software is up-to-date on all systems and that all security patches are properly installed. Critical vulnerabilities can be detected with the touch of a button.

Navaio provides insight into the security level of your IT landscape. We do this by thinking and acting as a hacker. With Penetration Testing you prevent data from disappearing or being sabotaged, or your website being hacked.

Do your current IT security measures offer the right level of security? That is a question that every organisation must ask itself regularly. As part of Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, also known as PEN Testing, is the way to check this.

Red/Blue Teaming

In Red / Blue Teaming sessions, we train your IT specialists to gain insight into misuse of IT components. If your organisation is confronted with a real cyber attack, your IT specialists can minimise or prevent the negative consequences for your organization. After all, they are well prepared.

Red / Blue Teaming sessions can therefore be seen as a kind of fire drill. In the sessions, our ethical hackers like the ‘red team’ simulate an attack on the IT resources of your organisation. The ‘blue team’ then has the task of discovering this attack as quickly as possible and taking adequate countermeasures.


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